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Archaeological Building Investigation and Recording


The Covered Yard, Tyntesfield, North Somerset. (Record survey for National Trust prior to remedial works)

One of 20 such surveys commissioned from us by the National Trust as part of its feasibility stage of the Tyntesfield Project. Relying on basic historical information provided by two conservation plans, the survey recorded the layout, structure and fabric of this immense structure (the photograph does not do it justice: there is a two storey range behind this multi-gabled elevation), attempted a basic construction chronology and identified functional associations between its different parts. It is an exemplar of late 19th century 'Model Farm' architecture and rightly protected by its statutory designation and the NT's custodianship. Submitted report.

No. 28 Kingston Road, Shalbourne, Wiltshire (Analytical survey prior to determination of Listed Building Consent)

Analytical survey of this superficially straightforward building , at the request of the Conservation Officer, revealed a complex construction history and the - possibly unique - incorporation in the 18th C of a near-complete timber frame of an earlier building. The latter caught the COs eye who, not unreasonably, feared it might indicate medieval survival within the building. Detailed examination of the frame members revealed it had been dismantled prior to installation in this building and so was not, after all, an in situ medieval structural member, but a salvaged one of 17th - early 18th date. The survey also disproved the structural engineer's hypothesis that the structural walls encapsulated a medieval timber frame. Together, these analyses made refurbishment a lot easier for all concerned. Submitted report

Nos. 88-90 Panorama Road, Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset (Expert witness to appeal against refusal of Conservation Area Consent and Planning Permission)

Our client's appeal succeeded because, inter alia, we were able to demonstrate that this substantial early 20th century house had been significantly altered in the second half of the 20th century, to the detriment of its architectural and historical significance; that, contrary to the assertions of the Conservation Area Appraisal, it was not an 'Arts and Crafts' building; and that it did not make a significant contribution to the character or appearance of the Conservation Area. Appeal Decision.